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This site in memory of Rick "Animal" Henry. Co Founder and TRUE Freedom Fighter, you ARE missed my Brother.

Site is now closed due to imposters hijacking our name.


Welcome to Sons of Liberty Riders, the original Sons of Liberty, the premiere source of information in Motorcycle Rights. Our Rights and Liberties are being eroded everyday, we must work very hard to preserve them, and we must be vigilant. As Bikers we are under larger threats than most groups of people, and Motorcycle Rights Organizations can't do it all by themselves. We must all participate in the struggle to regain lost Liberty and stop the erosion of any more. Join our message board and stay up to date on current issues effecting Motorcycle Rights Activists around the country.

We are the original Sons of Liberty Riders founded in the late 1990's. There seem to many groups out there using similar names these days. Don't be confused by this, we started the Bikers and Enews Email Lists. Due to spam and time constraints we have opted to use a message board in recent years. The place for information is still here, a different format but the same people who founded the original Sons of Liberty Riders.